Without Agility, Your Strategy is in Slo-Mo!

When I clocked 40 – I got a call from a young friend who after giving me his wishes asked ‘did you achieve all the goals you had set to achieve before 40’ I said No, but I achieved things I didn’t plan for.

‘Change the Plan, Not the Destination’ – anonymous.

Strategic Agility – (I’d come back to this)

I had an interview once and the question was what the role of Risk is in Strategy planning and Performance. And I started my response with Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law is a belief/concept that says that ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong’. The first time I read about Murphy’s Law – I thought it was a pessimistic approach to look at things.

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The 5XQ Execution Model – Execution Questions That Will Improve Your Chances of Achieving Your Objectives

For the large part of my career I have been responsible for execution of strategy. Not just the ‘talk’ part (strategic planning) but largely the ‘do’ part (execution). How do we ensure that every goal we set we achieve? How do I bring people to that pedestal such that we are not just ‘winging’ it but strategically executing in a military fashion approach. You do what you say! We all do what we say.

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