Goal Crushing 101: Going Solo is Last Season vibes!

I cannot do it alone. You cannot do it alone.

‘Getting along well with other people is still the world’s most needed skill. With it, there is no limit to what one person can do. We need people, we need the cooperation of others. There is very little we can do alone’ – Earl Nightingale

One of the things I learnt in the corporate world is that the success of any organisation hangs on the ability of its sub-parts to cross collaborate. No silos. In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, the importance of getting along well with other people cannot be overstated. You cannot deliver your JD – job description alone. Sales needs Finance, Finance function needs HR, Logistics needs Manufacturing – it is an interconnected system – with no one more important that the other (even though my sales friends think otherwise 😊 ‘we bring in the cash so…. y’all rest’).

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