Foundations and Enablers

Foundations and Enablers

When creating a strategy house (an essential tool for me in any organisation I join, whether requested or not, I create one), my goal is to condense the business’s priorities onto a single page so it is easier for me to grasp our mission and how to get there (if I cannot explain it concisely, I don’t understand it enough!). Some years back, I created my own personal strategy house that reflects what’s most important to me, my aspirations, and what/who I need to make it happen, exactly how organisations build theirs!

In developing a strategy house, we typically begin with the vision and then our strategic choices, often referred to as ‘must-win battles.’ These choices drive the strategic initiatives for the year, usually kept simple at around 4 or 5 to focus on the most critical few. Then, we address Foundations and Enablers – I will double-click on this with this post.

Just as a house needs a solid foundation, it’s crucial to highlight these elements at the base of the strategy house. The foundation includes factors like People, Culture (a significant factor), and Processes. On top of this, we have the enablers, such as Digital and Technology, Internal Controls, and Innovation. The late Clayton Christensen would ask: ‘Is your organisation structured for change? Can your business processes support the innovation you seek? Do you have the proper foundation and structure to rest your initiatives? These questions apply to us as well. With a clear vision and ambitious goals, assessing if we have the proper foundation to sustain them is essential. When considering the foundations in our strategy map, I believe they should include:

  • Non-negotiable values like Integrity, Authenticity, Fairness, and Accountability of course tailored to each individual’s interpretation.
  • Discipline – which I like to define as doing what needs to be done, whether or not it is convenient.
  • Tenacity/Perseverance.
  • Some level of structure and routines.

Additionally, our enablers could encompass:

  • Acquiring new skills.
  • Building connections and relationships.
  • Leveraging technology.
  • Continuously learning and adapting.

Successful organisations that weather challenges like COVID-19, the Suez Canal incident, geopolitical conflicts, and economic pressures do so because they have a solid foundation for responding effectively to these challenges. Some companies didn’t make it to the other side!

Discipline – for example – a critical foundation element, serves as the bridge between goals and accomplishments. (Jim Rohn). Lose discipline, and the entire structure of goals can crumble. We must thoroughly examine our foundations and enablers; they might be the key to unlocking growth opportunities.

**My strategy house needs updating – this post is a reminder to myself too!

And maybe I should tell my generals to build theirs (I bet they can’t wait to escape me – one already said he is moving out of the house at age 18 😂)

You all have a fantastic week ahead!


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