Personal Growth Strategy: Harnessing the Power of Planning, Just Like in the Corporate World

Personal Growth Strategy: Harnessing the Power of Planning, Just Like in the Corporate World

It’s that time of the year again! 

And most organisations are already working out their plans for the next year. Organisations are looking at the macroeconomic trend and its impact on their operations for the next year, using the current year as a backdrop and relying on economic projections of experts. This rigorous planning process is critical for driving future success, profitability, value, and impact. They use various models – PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, Competition Analysis Model, Porter’s Five Forces, etc. to ensure no stone has been left unturned.

I like this period: the buzz, the busyness, the presentations, the alignment, the operationalisation into KPIs, target setting, the communication of the direction and everything in between that leads to actions and results.

And here is my nudge to you and myself – as the organisation make its plans to win next year – let’s make ours too. No one would do this for us 🙁 We should start asking ‘what is going to change next year? What would success look like? It is not too early to start. As companies have multiple different iterations before a plan is finally approved – we also get a chance to iterate our plans until we look at it and say, ‘Yeah – this is what growth looks like- let’s do this.’

Let’s keep it simple and use just one model.

– What growth plans do you have for the different departments of your life? (Career, Health, Relationship, Business, Finance, Personal Development, etc)

– Why is this important to you? Connect this to your vision board to ensure congruence. 

– When (by which month or which year) do you need to have achieved this goal?

– Whose help do you need to make it happen? Enablers.

– What resources, learning, and skills do you need to acquire to achieve this goal?

Yes! I have applied my 5XQ Model 🙂 What? Why? When? Whose? What Resources?

Most people stop at the WHAT – which is nothing but a wishlist. The usual New Year resolution, set two days into the new year with no solid foundation and clear enablers does not work. The goals fizzle out in the first quarter of the new year, and everything returns to business as usual. No growth and a bucket of regrets.

That can’t be us! Let’s start making those plans now in order to hit the ground running with execution. And month on month in the new year, as organisations are having performance reviews, we also get to call a board meeting with ourselves too (my friend Olabisi  (Ola) Aweda would say I am calling myself to a board meeting tonight -haha), asking essential questions – what worked in the month? What didn’t work? What are the corrective actions? Whose support do I need to fix the gap in order to get on track with my goals?

If organisations live by these management processes year on year, it means it works and can work for us, too. Let’s try it out!



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